Bella Puglia No,31

☆ Bella puglia-what a wonderful Apulia-No.31 ☆ Puglia that you know you more for a little talk. 31st will guide you through the caves of Castellana Grotte. Castellana Grotte town square, South-East of Bari is surrounded by mountains. With a history of over 1,000 years, this city is a very famous cave is nearby "Grotte (caves)", in its name. This cave is from appearing in 917, notarized, the deep relationship between this town and caves and reporters. Cave is located just off to the southwest from the Centre of the town of Castellana Grotte. Now that tour courses are established for the tourists, throughout the year many tourists visiting the cave is once among the local people "bottomless abyss" believed was likely. To prove that this legend is not true, this cave to investigate den scholar Franco Anello, limestone is eroded by underground water formed the stalactites and stalagmites came to 3 kilometres of varied range, discover the amazing underground. It was in 1938. The entrance to this cave is trash as a dumping ground garbage throw or was it. Now, once a huge garbage and said "the world's most beautiful cave" from the existence of the cave of the white boxes are deepest, crowded with many tourists, has become a source of income for this city. To enjoy again! Language this page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original.

Bella Puglia No,30

☆ Bella puglia-what a wonderful Apulia-is a little bit of No.30 ☆ Puglia that you know more you talk. 30 second guide, city of cave dwellings "massafra". Massafra's larger towns first encounters from Taranto heading in the direction of Bari. In the province of Taranto in the third big town with less than 30000 population. According to the hypothesis, this area was built by the Africa displaced by the invasion of the Vandals in the 5th century the Romans said. This town's main feature is the cave dwellings have been constructed from the Neolithic to the middle ages. You can see the traces of cave dwelling grass-covered between the rocks of the Valley called St gorges and canyons of the ancients who lived. Some of these dwellings was used as a church, now obsolete and beautiful murals. Puglia said, cave dwellings in southern Italy, and in Basilicata, Matera is famous as a world heritage site, but was also in cave dwellings. The featured Winery near the town "amastworla" here. With modern facilities and vineyards made pristine. Beautiful established olive tree Avenue, one species, invigorating scent of orange groves. Masseria under construction at the top of the Hill and was the scenery seen from the winery, which very much impressed, have so again I think, can't feel the stunning vineyards. While, recently visited chef friend Giuseppe's "amastworla" for the job and have no time to Cortesia visit us. Stocks in our lineup can be recommended with confidence of course delicious wine. We are ready at any time, so take a look at once taste the dip. To enjoy again! Language this page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original.