Novello season!

Novello 解禁!

イタリアの新酒“ノヴェッロ”が本日解禁されました! 今年の出来栄えを味わってみてはいかがでしょう。 Vino Novello Rosso『PEPE NERO』プリミティーヴォ(プーリア州) Bianco『Vi Novo』ヴェルディッキオ、シャルドネ(マルケ州) グラス ¥780・ボトル ¥5300 ノヴェッロとは・・・ イタリア全20州において、毎年各生産者が生産しております。本来は「その年のブドウの収穫を祝う」といった意味をもち、そのほとんどのノヴェッロがその地域で飲まれておりました。 ノヴェッロはその地方ごとにノヴェッロ協会のようなものがあり、その協会が定めたブドウ品種から作られ、その味わいもボジョレー・ヌーヴォーと比べるとさまざまです。主に北イタリアと中部イタリアが圧倒的な生産量ですが、南イタリアでもノヴェッロは造られており、最近では輸出量も増えてきて、目にする機会が多くなりました。 イタリアはフランスより少し南に位置していますので、ブドウの収穫も早く、仕込みも出来上がりも少しだけ早いので、毎年10月30日に解禁されるのです。Languageこのページは自動的に翻訳されました。元の内容と異なる場合がありますので、ご注意ください。

7.8-lunch only!


July and August lunch only! You can taste barrel draft beer directly from Italy for 500 yen! ! Moretti is one of the oldest beer makers in Italy. Loved for more than 150 years, this beer has a solid malt flavor even in a fruity and refreshing taste, no share in Italy,It is a beer boasting 1. In addition, it is a very rare draft beer with few handling in Japan. The barrel draft beer of "Moretti" is offered for lunch only in July and August at "special price ¥ 500 (tax included)". In hot summer, why not enjoy a relaxing and elegant lunch with a refreshing and refreshing Italian beer. Language This page has been translated automatically. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.

Japan's first landing Winery "Giai Vini"

日本初上陸ワイナリー“Giai Vini”

Cortesia exclusive. Japan's first landing winery "Giai Vini" From "Giai Vini", a winery in Taranto, Puglia, which reflects the state of new Puglia wine, the dry-tasting Rozart "Castrum Minervae" and the fruity and beautiful red wine "Cori mia" and "Lucr Lucr"?Three items of", we have received only our store, and on this occasion, why not try this wine that can only be tasted with Cortesia once? In addition, on Friday, May 25, we will hold "Giai Vini Wine Tasting Party". For details, please refer to the website. this page has been translated automatically. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.

The story of BIRRA MORETTI

Talk about the Italian beer are offered in our shop "BIRRA MORETTI" origin of the label for the BIRRA MORETTI-is your beard-in 1942, during World War II, Now Italy Republic of Friuli-Venezia-Julia central city, Udine, everyone is a difficult life had been forced. One sunny afternoon. Menazzi Rao Moretti brewery founder Luigi Moretti's nephew was walking streets of Udine is lost in thought, a fashionable street was born and raised into the street. At that time, Rao has always camera in hand and the liked wearing about town have suddenly gone too far to bike and madoromu cat, cut and fit the camera. Claims are sitting at a table of the Trattoria basket (Trattoria Boschetti) gentleman Rao is stopped suddenly. Man dress suit modern dark-green dress is, it transcends time and space somewhere, and what looked like hats of the same color and so is relaxation.  Besides, it was very impressive to look like some splendid moustache and some story. I feel like familiar from old Lao, a gentleman I met for the first time, knowing something was meant to feel. And this war even though hard times under the afternoon sun is hung like a hard ball in the peaceful atmosphere of gentleman. Lao is pressed back someone offered closer to the gentleman, and one took some photos don't get any?. "Oh, okay. "And as an apology for that disturb the long-awaited time to answer the gentleman," is to do something you want to give. "And cut and gentle gaze under the hat and mustache smiled. "It then the beer Cup dinner?. So I'm good. "Do you have in this world is better than a cold beer tankard Cup? The tender look of a gentleman told me. A glass of beer so that occurred in the Lao Moretti is suitable for in-situ. During the bearded men drink beer, then everlasting Lao Moretti is destined to become the icon of Moretti beer one picture made. Certain encounters in town. Nothing unites people and yours. It's symbol is a glass of beer. Https from BIRRA MORETTI website:// this page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original.