Taste of origin Puglia Italy cuisine

Food culture in Italy have been transmitted from Greece is out of date.
At the entrance from the Puglia is exactly what Italy cuisine's origin say.

We are handed down and "simple and authentic" we believe southern Italy, Puglia's flavor is needed in the era of "live taste".

Further, in recent years 'perspectives on a Mediterranean diet based on high-quality extra virgin olive oil and vegetables Corte zeal is trends of the world centered on New York also.

Taste of natural flavor fresh vegetables transported from Italy vegetable farms using imported ingredients from southern Italy, Puglia, and seasonal fish and seafood, especially in Puglia and seasonal specialties.

And natural sparkling beer boasts a lineup of Tokyo's premier, carefully selected by a variety of "Puglia wine" and Italy's "Moretti", southern Italy abbinamento "ferrarelle", such as the food and drink we have commitment.

Will be in conversation with congenial, in Puglia, southern Italy, such as the relaxing time among friends you can enjoy "authentic flavor" to meet both body and soul become calm and heal daily fatigue.


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We spend our fun dining experience tailored to each, so communication and ad hoc services attention to detail enabled and light while trying.

We believe that elements that's hospitality, and to complement the taste of the food.


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