Vongole bianco start!!

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, it is under such severe conditions, but at such a time, let's take seasonal things and delicious vegetables into the body and improve immunity.

So, the season of the asari has finally come!
Cortezia Spring Specialty "Vongorebianco" will start from Monday, March 30th today!

It is the best taste that I make only the taste of the asari in combination with the ring rice of "Benedetto Cavalieri" of the premium pasta of Puglia that the flavor of wheat is felt firmly by using the superlative asari of Kumamoto and Amakusa in season now.
Why don't you refresh yourself by charging your energy with the taste of this season that can only be tasted now?

And this year, we have prepared a dinner course recommended for those who want to eat a lot of Vongole, including the increased Vongolebianco, at an affordable price.

Vongole A course: 6800 yen (including tax and service charge)
(Puglia-style appetizer combination, Vongorebianco Dolce Cafe)

Vongole B course: 8200 yen (including tax and service charge)
(Puglia-style appetizer combination, Vongorebianco, Main dish Dolce Cafe)

For dinner, a la carte (2800 yen per serving) is also available.

Please feel free to contact us.

When you make a reservation, be sure to read "Vongole Hope! Please tell them.
Please make a reservation as soon as possible.
(Depending on the purchase situation on the day, we may not be able to provide it.)