Veraci Bianco start!

Linguine alle vongole in bianco
Rites of spring Cortesi a clam sauce Bianco, has been launched!
Puffy was combined with premium pasta of Puglia was the flavor of the wheat, now bulging with a superlative clam to use plenty of the Benedetto Cavalieri, linguine, made only of clams in the exquisite Cortesi a spring taste.
You can than, 1 serving 2 servings, 2 servings more than 3 servings and make more flavor, and the dish out at you from the platter that, feel the atmosphere of the South Italy table.
Combined dry rosés and white wines of Puglia and chilled there, more even taste goes deeper.
Seize the opportunity, try enjoy the flavor of the clams of the year?.

I look forward to your reservations.
In addition, booking, make sure "clam sauce hope! ' And please.
* Please make advance reservations. (May day and cannot be provided by the stock situation)
VI aspettiamo!!