X'mas & year end party party!

Finally we have coming is the end of the year.
So everyone with gratitude of the year this year, "Cortesia" X'mas & year end party party '
Will be held.

Taste of Puglia, spumante rosé wine on the day of the representative dishes of Apulian traditional Natale (Christmas) and the Puglia "FIVE ROSES" (limited edition), including two sparkling wines and carefully selected plenty of red wine
(Primitivo species, species negroamaro, Nero di Troia species) of Kai and available in three different types, we very much eat, drink and enjoy.

Unique to this day only special is planned, so please stay tuned!

I look forward to your participation.

Cortesia X'mas & year end party party
Date and time : 12/16/2017 (Saturday)
18:00 registration
18:30 start
21:30 finish

Membership dues : 9,000 yen (including tax and service charge)
Capacity: : About 40 people

* Buffet style is served is the Chair.
* Maximum capacity, will be closed as soon as.

Reservations to TEL03-5468-6481
I look forward to your reservations.