2017Association celebrates the new year

11/16 (Thursday) according to the Beaujolais Nouveau season, leave the
"Party of the year 2017, the-Nouveau Wine & Beaujolais Nouveau 2017 ~" was held.

This year, four Beaujolais Nouveau (red and rosé), Italy, (red & white) 2 species, Nouveau of Koshu of Japan (white), Nouveau (white) South Africa's total 8 kinds of sake and the EBE chefs make, Enjoyed the unique flavor of the material feels solid and simple, Cortesia, seasonal dishes.
Esteemed ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much.

Wine of the year can be felt quite, which is very unpleasant, without becoming totally natural. Is this a trend of the times.

Italy, (red and white) are available, but for all Beaujolais Nouveau is not our. Are your interested in is limited, so hurry in!