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201811-2 pm : After the meeting A Tavola enjoy autumn at mushroom horsetail
After the event...
Leave a 10/30 (Tuesday) Cortesi a annual "A Tavola Association-taste the autumn at mushroom horsetail-' was held.
Spumante in Puglia, according to the menu you'll find plenty of fall, spent mushroom day, France, Italy, and the meal, rosé and red wines using only 4 basic whats up yourself.
We report that was raised so more quickly than usual, also availabe for make to everyone in the coming autumn, and wine.
Everyone who attended, thank you very much.

On the next occasion 11/29 (Thursday) "of game dishes and premium wines to taste, enjoy!
2018年10月30日 : Novello season!

Of Italy "," has been lifted today!
Let yourself be carried by this year's dip.

Vino Novello
Rosso "PEPE NERO, primitivo (Puglia)
Verdicchio Bianco "Vi Novo", Chardonnay (Marche)
Glass ¥ 780 / bottle ¥ 5,300

In Italy all 20 provinces, produced annually by each production. Originally has the meaning "celebrate the harvest of grapes of the year" and most, were drunk in the area.
Compared with the Beaujolais Nouveau, is the regional association, are made from grape varieties set by the Association, its taste is different. Primarily Northern Italy and Central Italy are overwhelming production volume is built, is in southern Italy, more recently, increasing exports, opportunities.
It is because the preparation is done just a little bit early because Italy is located more than a little bit of France to the South, early grape harvest, will be lifted October 30th every year.
2018In October 25th. : Funghi porcini
"Porcini" we have in stock today!

We served "porcini spaghetti' of this season.

To seize this opportunity!

Please tell us and porcini hope at time of booking.

2018In October, 5. : Montebianco start!

Cortesi a fall classic Dolce "montebianco" has begun!
This completes the "chestnut is unbearable" taste this year too, feel and flavor in the natural sweetness of chestnuts.
This season because of the taste please!

2018年10月2日 : Porcini mushrooms is in stock now!

Paghetti con funghi porcini spaghetti porcini

A taste of autumn in Italy, the spaghetti of porcini has started!

Mixed with thick cut porcini, porcini flavor of mouth during the full luxury 1 dish spread. A taste of autumn in Italy this season only by the Cortesi a taste you.

I look forward to your reservations.
Please tell us and porcini hope at time of booking.