Taste of Puglia and simple dish, it's the taste of Corte zeal

Ristorante-Cortesi a taste of Puglia to cornerstone,
By incorporating EBE chefs in taste of the season beyond the Apulian dishes,
Now with unique "once in a lifetime of taste" we are pursuing.

As the felt straight flavor ingredients and fresh vegetables from Imabari, Ehime ""
Meal EBE chef finished a simple and reasonably priced dishes.
And Italy and Puglia wines rich in raw beer 'Moretti'
Further, such as Japanese sake brewing katsunuma, Yamanashi Koshu wines, Sado, hokusetsu SHUZOU
And also Japan's best sake, widely available.

And service needs of their customers caught with something,
Attention to detail every single endeavor where you can spend the best time.


Cortesia, in Italy, kindness, sense of compassion
Cherish has communication with customers, in the spirit of "hospitality"

Southern Italy, Puglia, wind and the Sun feels
And eating natural and physical pleasure
Mentally and physically healthy, like to enrich Ristorante

So shop our


Vino-wine information from

Servizio ~ services ~

We spend our fun dining experience tailored to each, so communication and ad hoc services attention to detail enabled and light while trying.

We believe that elements that's hospitality, and to complement the taste of the food.


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